Friday, November 7, 2008

Giving Thanks, Day 7

Today, a coworker asked me to supervise a student at the assembly at the high school I work at as a special education paraeducator, because another coworker was absent.  It was during my lunch, but since the student I help with after my lunch was absent, I was able to delay it.  Since I hadn't paid attention to what the assembly was about, I wouldn't have gone if not for this turn of events.  I'm thankful for the ways God works in our lives, and the ways he guides our steps. 

A group called, Resurrection Dance Theatre, boys from around age 6 to 21ish from Haiti performed for the students and staff. They told of the plight of children in Haiti through spoken word, music, and dance, and of the St. Joseph Family, a group of children's homes.  They did some of the dances to recorded music, and some accompanied by a couple men playing drums.  One of the dancers had had one of his arms amputated.  They were all amazing dancers and story tellers through their dance.  There was an awesome drum duet, as well, and the students were an appreciative audience.  They really got us going!

Afterward, they sold some very nice items, such as crosses with people of different cultures on them.  I bought a calendar and a CD.  On the CD are Christian songs sung by a different group they have at St. Joseph, The Resurrection Singers of Haiti.  I plan to email them to get permission to put a couple songs on my blog.  I was a little disappointed that Islamic holidays are on the calendar as well as Christian and Jewish ones, but then thought that would give me something to pray about when I saw them on the calendar.  

So, today I am thankful for the ways God directs our steps.

Proverbs 16:9 says, "In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps."



  1. Hi Sue..
    I was blessed by your presence and your visit to my blog today. I love meeting new sisters in the Lord. I went over to see your garden, I wish I had a garden, but I get to visit them through blogging friends like you.
    HUgz Lorie

  2. Hi Lorie,
    Thanks for visiting my blogs, too. I am having lots of fun meeting new people and reading their blogs. What a blessing technology can be!

  3. Hi Sue,
    Larry sent me to your gardening blog and I headed over to this one too. I've enjoyed reading both of your blogs, your knowledge of gardening is impressive, I hope to learn more about gardening from your blogging.
    I have a question about the calendar you purchased. You mentioned you were disappointed when you saw the Islamic Holidays on the calendar. Would you mind sharing why you were disappointed?
    We are looking forward to our night out with you and Larry.
    Take care,

  4. Thanks for the comment Kelly. I am having fun with this blogging thing, but need to make myself go to bed on time.