Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Giving Thanks, Day 11

Today I am thankful for sleep.  I have been staying up too late, and not getting enough of it.  I am looking forward to going to bed on time tonight, and getting a good night's rest.  
Psalm 4:8: "I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety."


  1. Hi Sue, I had to smile when I came to your sight. I just wrote about giving thanks. I see you are doing something each day leading up to Thanksgiving. Very nice. I have really needed a shot in the arm about being thankful no matter what. NO MATTER WHAT. My spirits have risen just since starting my list. God is in all things - sometimes even the littlest things in life that He gives us can be such a great comfort when we are down. I'm trying to focus on it all - even those little gifts. Lord Bless You, Cathy

  2. Sue,

    What a wonderful idea to focus on gratitude! I have been working on thankfulness for a while now...it has changed the way I see the world. And blogging has helped! It really makes me aware of my blessing to write them down.
    Thanks for stopping and seeing me at the Wellblog, Sue. I perused your garden too, and must say, Wow! Beautiful flowers. I could use your green thumb around here!

  3. Hi Cathryn and Laura,
    Thanks for leaving comments. This has been fun for me because I have been thinking during the day of what I am thankful for. It does cause me to be uplifted. It also helps me remember to enjoy the moments as they come.

    I'm glad you are receiving comfort from the Lord, Cathryn.

    I'm tickled you liked my flowers, too, Laura.