Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Giving Thanks, Day 4

Joyce, from Brookside Cottage  has started a 30 Days of Giving Thanks on her blog, and invited others to join in.  It is fitting that I am figuring it out after it has already started, and is now on day 4, as that is how I started with Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day (see my other blog).  With September almost gone, I went ahead and found pictures from the middle of the month and put them up.  When it was time for October's pics, I was ready and got them up on time.  I'm glad I participated, because I met some nice people, and discovered their fun blogs.  I am hoping to meet more Christian bloggers this way, too.

So, I think I'll start with being thankful for my discovery of blogging, and for how it will fit in with my faith walk.  Praise God for the abilities he gives us to learn new things and to communicate with each other!



  1. Oh dear Sue... I am so glad you decided to "join in" on the Giving Thanks posts! And, am truly honored to have "met" you and found your beautiful blog....

  2. Thanks Joyce! I am having fun looking around for blogs to enjoy and help me keep that connection to the Vine.