Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Story

I had a busy day, but was able to spend time in the lovely 67 degrees to clean up some plants killed by the freeze.  I also got my veggie garden ready for a compost application.  As I was hoeing weeds, I was thinking of my blog, and got the idea to write some of my testimony.  I was thinking of starting with my childhood, and then was thinking about going back to my parents and their childhoods, but decided to save those for another time.  I thought I'd borrow some photos and scan them to put in a post.

I think I'll start with the fact that I was a Sunday school drop off child.  I went to church with a neighbor friend from the third grade to high school, and was confirmed there in the sixth grade.  My parents went to this church for a few years, as well.  In high school I went with another friend to her church, then in my junior year, went to church with my boyfriend and his family.  I remember reading the Bible and not quite understanding what I was reading, yet I considered myself a believer.

My high school boyfriend and I have been married for 36 years.  We both fell away from God in our twenties.  He was more an agnostic, and I proclaimed myself to be an atheist.  I had always been a "good" child, but considered myself a late bloomer, and did some things that do not bear repeating. 

In 1978, we had a son, then in 1982 a daughter.  We had settled down by then, and I was acting more like an adult than I had been in previous years.  During this time, I started wondering about God.  I could see others believed, but did not know how to.  When our daughter was a couple years old, I started asking friends if they believed in God.  I got a variety of answers.  Those who said they did, were uncomfortable talking about it, and none said anything about Jesus, that I could recall.

When our son was 5, he went to preschool in a nearby church.  Around that time, he decided he wanted to go to church.  I decided that I wanted to take the kids to church so they could learn about God, and maybe something would catch for them that hadn't for me, and they would believe.  Once we started going, I decided that I should read the Bible, since that's what people who go to church do.  I tried getting my husband to go, but he still hasn't.

In July of 1984, I was working in my herb garden, and don't remember what I was thinking about preceding this, but do remember asking "Jesus, is it you?" and immediately I was given the gift of faith.  Oh, my!  What a trip it's been!  I think I'll stop here, and add more next time.



  1. Oh Sue!!! I have chills reading your post for today!!! Praise The Lord!!!
    He does tell us, when we seek Him, we will find Him!!! He loves us sooo much!!!
    I'm so glad I found you today!!
    Your New Sister, in SC,

  2. Hi Sharon, I'm glad you found me! You are the first person to leave a comment on my new blog. Your website looks fun. I'll have to check it out more, but I'm in the house looking for photos of people's gardens in the spring, because I'm having trouble deciding where to plant some bulbs in a new flower bed. When I saw I had a comment, I just had to attend to that first!

  3. Hi, Sue!
    Thank you for all of the sweet, encouraging, and insightful comments you left me today. It is such a joy to meet you. And I love reading the testimonies of others. The Lord knows exactly what will capture our hearts. I love how He used your son wanting to go to church to bring you back to Him. Aren't you just so thankful He welcomes us back with open arms and no condemnation!

    K :)

  4. I don't think I ever did add anything to the testimony. I am leaving a comment now, because I am planning on leaving a link to this post. I don't even remember what I thought I was going to say.

    Oh, maybe the fact that God works on me with themes. I have posted about those.