Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Saturday in the Garden

I was very thankful for God's blessings yesterday, even though I was sad to admit the gardening season is about over.  I was getting ready for the 26 degree low we are supposed to have tonight.  I put pots aside for DH to dump on the compost for  me, so I would have time to do other things.  He also pulled the morning glory and moonflower vines for me.  I pulled most of my pepper and tomato plants, and harvested some fall planted radishes and my sweet potatoes I'd planted in a tub.  I'll need to finish this week.  Our school is closed for fall break, so I  have the week off.  Knowing that, I let myself get sidetracked a lot taking pics of butterflies, and flowers, so I'll remember what they looked like before the freeze.  I saw one butterfly that I'm not sure if I've seen before.  I couldn't identify it from my book, though.

Here is a Painted Lady.  I have seen lots of these this summer.  It looks like this one has had a bird take a bite out of it.  

I don't know what kind of butterfly this is, but it looks like something ate part of its wing, as well.  These two butterflies were fun to watch, and they didn't seem to mind me being around.  I was trying to think of some spiritual tidbit about us moving forward, depending on God, even when life around us is difficult, but nothing that I was writing came out well.  

Here are the pots, and some buckets of pulled plants lined up for DH to dump.  Some of them were ready, others were still going strong, but I know that none of these will survive the freezing temps.  

I looked up in the sky to see if there were any clouds to take pictures of, and look what were the only clouds there, evidently put there by a jet or two.  

Have a blessed day!

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