Friday, November 14, 2008

Giving Thanks, Day 14

My husband and I had the day off because of a volleyball tournament at our school.  I asked him if he wanted to go to some thrift stores.  Our daughter is moving, and needs some things, but we also like looking around for things we might use.  I wanted him to take me to an estate sale in an area of town that isn't around any of the places we usually go.  

If there is more than one way to get somewhere, DH and I will automatically choose different ways.  I am usually quiet about it, but today, the street we needed to go on goes through to the one we were already on, so I asked him why he turned on the one he did.  He said it was because the bridge (that had been closed for rebuilding) was open.  The next turn he made was a dead end.  Then, a bit further down the road, he turned onto a street going the opposite direction we needed to go, and it took us a few miles out of the way.  Just before he turned, I exclaimed, "Don't turn here!"  I was not feeling very patient, partly because I was hungry.  When I asked him why he turned that way, he said it wasn't a big deal that he made a wrong turn.  (He was thinking there would be a loop to take him the other way, but I read the sign, and it indicated the other way.)

So, after going a few miles in the opposite direction, going even farther that way than our house, where we started from is, adding 15-20 minutes to what would have been less than 20 minutes to get there going the "best" way, he dropped me off at the sale, because it was a busy street, and there was no parking.  Oh, my!  They had nothing at the sale I was interested in!  Then, I stood out in the cold, waiting for DH to come back to get me!  

I prayed, and asked God if I was supposed to stay home and clean like I had originally planned.  We stopped at a nearby Goodwill store after eating a sandwich, and I don't think we bought anything.  I asked DH whether he wanted to go to more stores, and he said he didn't really need anything, but he'd take me around if I wanted him to.  I thought to myself, I could have gone on my own and not had all this exasperation!  I told  him I'd go another time, then, and should get started on housework.  

We decided to drive by the apartment DD is moving into, and when I saw her car, we stopped to see it.  She had to get to work shortly after we got there, but we got to see her place and meet her landlords.  She had looked in the paper like I suggested and found a place privately owned, rather than a company.  God does work for the good in all things, because if we had driven straight to the sale, we may have missed this opportunity.  

Then, we passed a Catholic run thrift store that has always been closed when I've stopped to check it out.  What an awesome store it is!  They had all kinds of cool things DD could use, and we bought some things, too.   I found a cookbook I have been wanting.  I enjoyed the Christian music they had playing.  Then, we came home, and I edited my pics for the Garden Blogger's Bloom Day, hosted by Carol at May Dreams Gardens, put my post for tomorrow together, and have it saved and ready to go.  

Oh, and I washed the clothes I bought for DD at the sale I went to by myself earlier in the morning.  She has lost over 100 pounds, and I told her I'd get her some she could wear around the house, as I probably couldn't pick out something she'd wear out and about.  

So, I'm thankful for God's forgiveness for my not so great attitude, and realize my problems with things not going my way this morning were very small, but still, I'm thankful for Romans 8:28: "In we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."  


  1. I find it so interesting that most of the blogs I have stumbled upon are filled with treasure shoppers and antique lovers. Oh how I wish all of you could go through stuff I have packed away from family members long gone. One thing that is making me want to hit some thrift stores is my desire for Thanksgiving decorations---they are certainly not for sale in stores now. I've seen some wonderful treasures on some other blogs that people reported they got in thrift stores. hmmmm, must consider a new way of shopping. Hope you have a wonderful weekend with Him.

  2. Hi Sue,
    Aren't men and their driving something!!! It was always so funny that my first husband had rather drive for miles trying to find something than to stop and ask directions!! Men are from Mars, women are from Venus!
    I can identify with this post!

  3. Thanks for the comments. We really do have opportunities in our lives with men to practice patience and forgiveness. I'm afraid I wasn't so patient, so then I needed forgiveness.

  4. Hi Sue,
    Enjoyed this post. Just saw that you had a couple of other blogs so thought I'd check them out and I'm glad I did.

    Women certainly are from Venus and Men from Mars as Dorothy stated. That was a great book by the way. DH and I both read it.

    A lot of times we can get aggrevated over petty things and that can lead to resentment. That's when we need to step and ask for God's help. To ask for forgiveness for our lack of patience, or whatever else we are lacking. None of us is perfect yet, but we are growing in and because of, God's grace.


  5. Hi Flowerlady!
    I saw in my email that you commented on a couple of these posts. Hopefully, l can find the other one to reread now that I'm home from work. I have been doing a little blogging at lunch, but the computers are pretty slow there.

    I like the way you stated what I was talking about so well about being impatient sometimes.