Saturday, November 15, 2008

Giving Thanks, Day 15

Today was one of my 4 times a year days to buy the groceries and lead a group in the preparation of supper at a local outreach organization.  There happened to be a training session this morning that I also attended, so it's been a full day.  Our city is in the process of making a beltway to avoid flooding, and the program is needing to find a new home.  I knew they were going to have to move, but found out today, the city is planning on building a parking garage on the site!  They are working to eliminate homelessness, and with the service provided, it would cost the city if they weren't around.  The people who come to eat the meals do not have to apply or show they have needs, but I found out the programs they offer to help people pay bills and stay in their homes do check on their eligibility.  They also teach them skills for healthy living and do health screenings.

So, today, as I was working in the kitchen, I thought of how thankful I am to have a home.  It's not one that people would consider desirable by today's standards, but it will be paid off within a year.  I am thankful that we have no other loans or credit card bills.  We have health insurance and money to pay the high cost of the portion insurance does not cover for health care.  Psalm 145:15: 

"The eyes of all look to you, and you give them their food at the proper time."


  1. Hey Sue, Good to hear from you. I got tickled at your post on the husband going the wrong way. Been there. :) Lord Bless, Cathy

  2. Thanks Cathy,
    We helped our daughter move after work, so I am behind again on my blogging. I hope things are going well for you today.

    Blessings to you, too,