Sunday, February 1, 2009


I just heard a very good sermon on the radio.  One of the things talked about was receiving and enjoying gifts, especially the gift of salvation.  The pastor reminded us that we cannot earn anything from God.  We do not deserve his grace.  It's a gift.  Are we enjoying that gift?  It really spoke to me.

He said that what God says is the truth, whether we believe it or not, and there are no dead atheists.

Now, I am listening to one about trusting in and leaning on God and trusting him with our emotions. We should lean on his wisdom, not what we think is our own common sense.  In all our ways we acknowledge him, and make decisions based on what we've learned from God's Word.

I did not go to church today.  I have been uneasy and feeling sadness over conflict at my church that I don't even know all the details of.  There was going to be a meeting, and I just did not want to go and feel the tension of the people who are on opposite sides of each other.  Our pastor was going to tell the people whether he was going to accept a call to another church or not.  I thought about calling someone to see what the outcome was, but I think I'll wait until we get the letter.  

The tension I was feeling has gone, and I am feeling such joy and peace!  I am a child of God and he will lead me, whether it's to go back to my church or another one.  He will guide my steps, just like he always has.  I am so thankful to be sure of my salvation.  

When I was in the shower, I was wondering if there is a church out there where people are trusting what Jesus did for them alone for their salvation, and the focus of their hearts is to worship God, and they are always nice to each other.  God spoke to my heart, and reminded me I'm not always nice to everyone.  When he did that, it gave me joy, because it reminded me that we all still need to seek forgiveness daily, and we are forgiven and loved.

Still, I think I may look around and see if God has another church in mind for me, after attending the same one for over 20 years, that I no longer live in the neighborhood of.  

In appreciation of prayers,


  1. Sue, I am surfin' and super-bowlin' at the same time tonight. Your post stopped me in my tracks. I love my church. A few months ago, our long time pastor resigned under loving circumstances. THAT was painful enough - I can't imagine the agony of a church divided. It seems to be a common occurrence. I can just see Satan doing the happy dance now. I promise to keep you in my prayers as you seek God's face in such a complicated matter.

  2. Praying as He leads for you.

  3. Sue, Thank you for your comment on my blog. I am always so please to meet someone new.
    Yes, we have many things that come in our lives that we can battle over for months OR we can just put them in God's hands and let Him work.
    I can feel exactly what you are feeling about the church situation.
    We have been there. But can I tell you that God used that experience to get us out of a church that we grew up in (another denomination) and set us right down into a Fundamental Baptist Church with a good pastor, people
    and a place to work and serve Him?
    All churches have their problems. Our pastor reminds us of that often. Will be praying that God will lead you and direct your steps. I also write on the KJV blog that Cathryn writes on. I write every other Sunday and every other Tuesday.

  4. I'm sorry for the anxiety and grief over the church conflict. I think I've shared that we are going through something similar. We attended another church for a while, and it really helped me regain my perspective. I missed my church family. there were many factors involved, but we are back, trying hard. It's still hard. I'm praying for you, Sue.


  5. I just realized I didn't reply to your encouraging comments. Thanks for them, and your prayers.

    I am not planning to go back to the church I was visiting that seemed like it was going to be a good fit for me. There was an article in the paper that talked about the movement within that denomination to allow people who practice a certain sin to be ordained if they are faithful to their partner. I just can't understand that. The Bible is very clear that is a sin. God does love all people, but not all people are accepting that love and God's Word.

    God will guide my steps, whether back to my church, or another. I am not feeling in a hurry to know. It's OK to be in this place, drawing closer to God, trusting HIm.