Saturday, February 14, 2009

Speaking of Eagles (Still)

Our God is an awesome God.  Our grandson was over today like usual, and the TV was on.  I decided to look at the guide, and saw that a local church service was about to start on a local station.  It was one of the churches I was thinking about visiting, and this was last week's worship.

I'm not sure what all churches use the same Scripture for their services, but I think there are a lot, and I got to rehear the verses in Isaiah 40, where God says those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength, and soar on wings like eagles, etc.

This was a good service, too, except the songs were sung a little slow, and there weren't many people at the service.  Our grandson danced, and grinned at me when I sang along. The sermon was excellent.  I wish I'd been able to take notes. The vacancy pastor made lots of references to eagles, and talked about their great qualities.  He said it's good the verse didn't talk about other birds, like chickens, because they squabble with each other for bits of this and that, and sometimes don't even want something until they see another wants it.  More was said, that I can't think of, but it will come to me later if I need it.  I was not down like I was the other day , but this lifted me up. Oh, I just remembered he talked about the verses where God is reminding his people how powerful he is, and that he will not grow tired or weary.

This whole strength and eagle thing is a theme God is working with me on.  I had taken some not so great pics of this eagle at night around the first of the year, and had been planning since then on getting more taken. It must be a God thing, that I got those pics taken and posted the Wednesday before the same passage was used in churches for the Scripture reading and sermons.

I haven't decided yet if I'm going to the church I went to last week. I'm thinking I should go, get the book they are studying, and pray for God to guide me in what to do next.  Thanks for the prayers and comments I got on my last post, I can't remember if I replied there.   

Have a great weekend, and may you keep your hope in the Lord!


(I just remembered I had copied a comment someone made to another about a divorce, which I thought was interesting.  She said, "Those things are always tough whether they are 'for the best' or not."  Unfortunately, I don't remember who said it, and did not get permission to post it, but if it was me, I think I wouldn't mind.  Anyway, I thought of my situation, and it seems some of you have been or are in similar ones. It is tough, but I do think it is God's will, which makes it for the best.)


  1. Sue, I loved the comments on chickens vs eagles! Choosing a new church home seems a lot like dating - you wouldn't expect one date to show if this is "the one" for you:) God bless you and keep you on your search!

  2. Thanks Gail,
    I'm glad you wrote that. It makes a lot of sense, and I can keep my hope in God in the process.

    I liked chapter 7 of our book, too. It talks about how we can choose our attitude in difficult times.