Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Self Talk Soul Talk Week 5

Lelia, from Write From the Heart is hosting this study as part of Yes to God Tuesdays. As I was reading chapter 5, I found myself underlining, circling, and starring as much or more than the other chapters.  I am also writing at bed time again.  

I have done many of the things the author talks about, such as becoming apathetic toward some of my poor choices and negative attitudes.  She then talked about the word "awake" being used 65 times in the Old Testament.  She went through some meanings of "awake" and said it can be thought of as becoming undeceived, or having an "aha" moment.  That was so cool to me, because yesterday, I did have some "aha" time from God, and he lifted a lot of anxiety I was having.  We know the Bible says to be anxious about nothing.  That's what we replace our false self talk with, God's Word.  She gave good examples of that at the end of the chapter.

I can also identify with her ways we get distracted.   I mentioned in the first post, that, as I was reading about the author liking Earl Grey tea, I was drinking some.  Today, when I read about her being fond of coffee and dark chocolate, I was eating a piece of dark chocolate, which I do every day.  I don't eat many other sweets, but love my dark chocolate, and my coffee is usually decaf.  I do like what she said about there being nothing wrong with pleasure, as long as it is balanced, and does not become a greater treasure than our relationship with God.

Well, I better get to bed.  God Bless!


  1. It does seem so easy to get into the,"well that's the way it goes" kind of mentality. We do need to step up our alertness and be ready...we have the power in His Word.

  2. Sue,
    It is so easy to get distracted isn't it? Especially by the things that seem so good... and are in many ways... as long as, just like you said, it is in balance.
    Another step along the path! :) Maybe our thought closets will get cleaned out, and stay that way!
    God bless,

  3. Sue,

    I like you found myself underlining and highlighting so much in this chapter. It spoke to me as well.

    The being alert spoke to me, and then like you said ,"becoming apathetic toward some of my poor choices and negative attitudes." I have done that too.

    Thank you for sharing your aha moment, and how God lifted your anxiety. He is so good.

    I hope you enjoyed your dark chocolate. yummy.