Thursday, March 29, 2012

God's Word

(This post was written in January, but I didn't get it posted because I didn't get the photos in it until this morning.) 

I have mentioned having trouble making the time to read my Bible in the last few years.  Well, with God's help, I am at least spending a few minutes each day.  I have a thread of posts about verses I've marked in my Bible, and want to write some more.  Last night, I went upstairs before my Bible reading.  I picked up the one I used when I was a new Christian.  Just like the one I have been using many years, I had many verses circled, underlined, and starred, with dates in the margins.  Over the years, I have not always remembered what was going on when I wrote those dates, even though I had assumed I would. 

Here are some examples:

It occurred to me, that even though I may not remember what was going on when I marked those verses, God has helped me through all things through His Word and by acting in ways I don't see.  He has gotten me through all things, fun, and difficult.  Praise Him!