Thursday, December 31, 2009

Moon Before the Blue Moon?

I read a comment on either my or someone else's blog that mentioned we are going to have a blue moon soon. I wasn't sure what that meant, but last night, there was a lovely blue around the moon, that didn't show up well in photos. I enjoyed getting shots of the moon, though. Today, I did a search to find out what a blue moon is, and came away a tad confused, because different places say different things about it. It used to mean the 3rd full moon when there were 4 in a season, or something like that. Then, someone wrote in a Farmers' Almanac many years ago, that a blue moon is when there are 2 full moons in the same month. I just did another search and found an article on the NASA website where it is explained in a better way than I did.

So, tonight, look up and see the full moon, and no, it will not be blue, but it will be a blue moon! To see skies from all over the world, or to find out how to link yours, click on the SkyWatch link in my sidebar.

God bless your New Year, and have a fun, safe, and healthy celebration to welcome in 2010!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Snowed in for Skywatch Friday

Since the forecast for a blizzard kept getting pushed back, and we were able to drive last night, I got up this morning, and after looking out the door, figured it would be OK to drive today. I got my exercise shoes and music on, and did aerobic cooking and kitchen cleaning. I assumed my husband was listening to the radio for driving conditions. After I got my gluten free pumpkin pies out of the oven, and the fruit cobbler in, Larry came in from shoveling and told me the neighbor said the main streets are OK, but the side streets and intersections are so bad, only 4 wheel drive cars could make it around. I spent an hour on the phone talking to my family, and we postponed our Christmas lunch. Larry and I enjoyed the chili, and I had made enough pie, that we were able to have some today.

I took some photos from inside the house, some out windows, and some out of doors. I had fun watching the poor birds come and go. There was a squirrel on a branch under its home. I wondered why it was there, and not inside.

Well, it's Friday in parts of the world, and SkyWatch Friday has begun. Click on the link in my sidebar to see skies from all over the world or find out how to include yours.

Again, Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I love the saying that is currently on our sign at church that says,
"Jesus is the gift; we are the reason."

God bless you and yours this Christmas, and may you be filled with the joy of the Lord.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Late for the Sky...

It's Friday morning where I am, but Friday started other places about 17 hours ago. The title of my post is from an old Jackson Browne album that I loved when I was in my 20s. Even though my memory is bad, I can recall some of the lyrics of the songs on it. Most of them were sad and depressing. That was a time in my life where I had fallen away from God and was not a happy time of my life. One of the songs was about taking a photo of someone. When the picture taker saw the person, they were laughing, but the moment the camera happened to find them, there was a look of sorrow in their eyes. I think it was called Fountain of Sorrow.

Well, I'm thankful those days are behind me, and I have the joy of faith in Jesus, even when I'm feeling sad. God's love for us isn't changed by how we feel at any moment.

I am laughing at myself, because I need to get to work, and just planned on putting up a quick sky photo from the other day. I had missed photographing a gorgeous sunrise, then was tickled when the sunset was almost as pretty. Happy SWF, and check out the link in my sidebar to see more skies from all over the world.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Snow, and a Blue Sky

This is what the sky looked like December 8:

This is what it looked like today:

Don't be fooled by the lovely blue sky. I don't remember how warm it got today, but our low was -13 F. They said it was the coldest since a day in January of 2007, when it got down to -15.

To see more skies from all over the world, click on the SkyWatch Friday picture in my sidebar.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Photos Taken 11/28/09 for SkyWatch Friday

The tree in front of our house reaches quite tall into the sky. It was planted by my husband when he was a young boy, and his dad after they dug it from a neighbor's yard.

I love white fluffy clouds against a blue sky.

Whenever I hear or see something in the sky, I want to take a photo of it. I was tickled when I put these photos into my iphoto, and saw the star on this helicopter.

I took lots of photos of squirrels eating seed pods high in this tree across the street. I even took a video that I plan to post on my other blog Saturday for Camera Critters. This squirrel is high in the sky, so I wanted to include it in my SkyWatch Friday post.

To see skies from all over the world, or find out how to link yours, click on the SkyWatch Friday button in the sidebar.