Thursday, August 27, 2009

SkyWatch Friday 8/28/09

My father-in-law put this tall light in when he was alive, and the morning glories love it, even though it doesn't work these days. This was taken a few days ago, and either it was cloudy or almost dark out.

I will be glad when the street work is done. I happened to be taking photos when someone drove by, and I caught the dust in the air stirred up by the car. When people drive fast, the dust is worse than this.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

SkyWatch Friday 8/20/09

The sky has been spectacularly beautiful lately, but I don't seem to have my camera with me, and when I do, I'm not satisfied with the photos I take. I want to have a post for SWF, since I forgot to put my last one in this blog. This one was taken of the top of our garage and the sky above it either Tuesday or Wednesday.

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God bless your weekend!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

SkyWatch Friday 8/7/09

This is the sunrise from a few days ago. I mentioned on my other blog that I learned that if you hold down the "control" and "+" keys, what you are viewing will get larger. Each time you click on the plus key it will get even larger.

SkyWatch starts the first place in the world where Friday starts, which is Thursday afternoon where I live. To see lots of sky photos, or find out how to show yours, go to the SkyWatch blog.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Today's Devotion

In July, 25 years ago, I became a Christian. I was always God's child, but did not believe He existed. I've mentioned that I devoured the Word for a number of years, and couldn't understand why more people weren't in Bible study. I even wrote some articles for the church's newsletter encouraging people to read their Bibles and/or come to Bible study. One of the articles, that I never submitted talked about when runners are getting their miles in, they feel so good and fit. When they don't run, they miss it, and when they start missing a lot, they lose some fitness. I compared that to being in the Word, and then neglecting it. Maybe I'll find it and post it in full.

Anyway, I've also mentioned that I go through spells where I am not in the Word. I still have my faith, and pray daily, and even intend to read my Bible, but I want to garden, blog, and maybe do some cleaning, and then I end up staying up too late, and say I'm going to try for tomorrow.

I've gotten some reading done the last few days, and am determined to keep it up. I found a Daily Walk from Walk Thru the Bible from August of 2004, and some others from other years that are from the New Testament, but when I sat down to read, I could only find the one that is in Jeremiah. I finished up day 2 of it today, which was chapters 7-10. It was emotional and a bit uncomfortable for me reading how upset God was with Judah's idolatry.

Then, I read in the study guide, "Make a list of some things you have reason to take pride in. Which item on your list gives you the greatest satisfaction? Do you know there is something God wants you to glory in? To 'pop' your buttons in pride over? To derive an 'ego boost' from every time you think about it? It isn't your bank account, your muscles, or your mind. It's your relationship with Him." (Daily Walk, August 2004)

I don't think pride is the word I would use. Maybe I'd replace it with "pleasure" or "satisfaction". I believe the interests I have are how God made me. He wants us to enjoy life, but He wants us to love Him first. I imagine I'm not the only one who fails in this area at times. I am so thankful for God's love and forgiveness. I've said that before, too. So, it's fine for me to spend lots of time gardening and blogging, if I'm not neglecting God in the process. I am so thankful it was easy for me to read several chapters and not think about the time.

My salvation is sure, but I want to know God here and now. Isaiah 55 talks about God's thoughts and ways being higher than ours, and that His Word accomplishes what he desires, which is that we will go out in joy, and be led forth in peace.