Thursday, December 30, 2010

SkyWatch, Some from Yard, Some from Last Week

It was very cloudy yesterday, with some drizzling rain, and not warm, as the forecast had predicted.  Today, it was supposed to be snowing and cold, but that has been moved to later today.  Oh, they are showing a weather map on TV, and it's 36 an hour west of us, and 59 here.  We aren't supposed to get much snow in my part of the state, but we could have icy streets.  I have been cleaning my house, but now that I know how warm it is, I am heading out.  Heidi will be tickled to go out for awhile.

I took these first photos mid morning.  The sun has won this battle.  The skies are blue right now.

These are more photos from the drive to St. Edward, NE for my husband's aunt's funeral last Thursday.  The sky was even darker than this yesterday, and I didn't get any photos taken.

To see skies from all over the world, click on the SkyWatch Friday link in the sidebar.  Have a safe and blessed New Year!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Old and New

My husband and I drove a couple hours away to attend his aunt's funeral today.  The time flew by for me, as I snapped over 500 photos there and back.  I told Larry I should know better, but I've had some happy accidents when some of the photos have turned out OK.  He said that's good, considering that the best photos are taken using a tripod.  LOL

There was a 50% chance of snow today.  They thought it would start a little north of our destination.  It was so cloudy both ways, that you couldn't even see the clouds, but we only saw a couple minutes of snow trying to fall.  To see skies from all over the world, click on the SkyWatch Friday link in the side bar.

I was able to get a photo of the farm vehicle in front of us alone, but liked the contrast of the other cars with it, even though the quality of the photo isn't the best.

 I have always loved Saint Edward, even though we rarely go there.  I remember going there more often about 25 years ago, when our kids were small.  The town has a good feel to me.  A number of years ago, one of Larry's cousins and I went on a garden tour, and I'm pretty sure this property was one of those we saw.  I love the look of the house.

Larry's grandpa, then uncle, and now cousin run this newspaper.  She actually does different kinds of printing here, and does the newspaper in a near by town.

On the way home, the sun came out for awhile, enough for some clouds to be visible instead of the straight gray.

I took a bunch of photos of trains because our grandson loves trains right now.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

SkyWatch Friday

I stayed home from work today, because I haven't been able to shake a headache for a couple days.  Also, my PLMD was bad last night because of the caffeine I consumed to help with the headache.  I decided to go to my chiropractor for an adjustment this morning, because that usually helps.  I'm glad he was there doing paper work, since he was closed, but he told me to come on in.  He was glad to take a break from the paperwork.

I took some photos on my way to and from the chiropractor with my iphone, but they didn't turn out very well.  I decided to include this one photo facing north from my car.  I kind of like the blue background of the sky with the downtown buildings, flag, Christmas decorations, and bare tree.

I went out and took a few photos from the yard to have more for SkyWatch Friday. There are still some leaves on one of these trees.  This is facing west around 1:00 p.m. Central Time.

I should take some photography lessons.  It looks lighter in the previous photo, but the next one is where the sun is.

A closer view of the above area:

This is facing up, mostly, and north.  It's the same tree as the previous one.  I wonder if  these branches are going to need to be trimmed at some point so they don't damage the house.

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Drive in the Country

November 13, we took our grandson to get a haircut.  Afterward, I thought Larry was going to drive in town until KJ fell asleep, but instead, he took us on a drive to a small town that he likes to take with his motorcycle.  At first, I was a bit irritated, because I wanted to get home and spend some time outside.  Then, the scenery told me to get my iphone out and take some pictures, and that put me in a better mood.  Of course, most of the photos were taken with SkyWatch Friday in mind.   The car window wasn't real clean, so there are specks in some of the photos.  I tried to pick the ones that I like that were cleaner than others.

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