Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Self Talk Soul Talk Week 4

I read part of the chapter at lunch today, and then had to pick our one year old grandson up from childcare to take to his doctor for the second of a 3 day series of shots for a persistent ear infection. My son and daughter-in-law joined us for supper, so I just got the rest of the chapter read.  I'm tired, and having trouble concentrating.

I marked a lot of things as I was reading. I thought of some of our previous comments when I read some of chapter 4. On page 47, Jennifer talked about how one circumstance in our lives can be the start of other issues. These issues take up room in our thought closets, which is an issue in itself.  "An issue in itself! A new issue on the shelf!"  It reminded me of some of us beating up on ourselves for beating up on ourselves.

I really like how Jennifer used the story of the woman who had the faith to touch Jesus' robe and be healed to teach how to talk to ourselves to point out the truth of God's word.  She kept telling herself that if she just touched Jesus' coat, she would be healed. It wasn't her self talk that healed her, but her faith.  By faith we receive and believe and act on truth.  

I also like the details Jennifer went into on faith, and the ways the Holy Spirit teaches and reminds us of God's truth. My church believes in the Triune God, and that the Holy Spirit is God, and not just God's representative. I didn't realize there were some who saw that differently. Still the rest of what she says about the Holy Spirit, I have experienced.  I sometimes remind myself of the Israelites who kept forgetting what God had done for them.

I have had some issues resurface this week in my thought closet, and at first I was letting them get me down, but the last couple of days, I'm praying for wisdom, and putting myself aside to see what God will do.

It will take me a few days to read the other posts.  I don't think I got all of them read last time. Please click on the Self Talk Soul Talk book in my sidebar to get to Lelia's blog and other posts on the book.



  1. "I sometimes remind myself of the Israelites who kept forgetting what God had done for them."

    When I read that statement I connected...don't we all often forget who we are in Christ, what God has done, who the Holy Spirit is to us. We are a work in progress.

  2. "It reminded me of some of us beating up on ourselves for beating up on ourselves." Sue, I laughed out loud when I read this - the laugh of recognition. Sometimes, my mind feels like a hall of mirrors. I get depressed about being depressed, worry about worrying, etc etc etc. We are funny creatures, aren't we?!? I am so thankful God knows our hearts, knows what we WANT to be even when we fall woefully short. It sounds like you have a lot going on at your end of the wood. That's the great thing about Blogland - we can put it on hold, coming back and forth as we are able. I hope Little Man is feeling better soon - ear infections are so hard on little ones his age. Prayers for him and for Grammy!

  3. It is interesting who we allow to take up space in our thoughts and they do not even pay rent.
    We can nurse and rehearse or we can catch ourselves and say...no more...this mind is mine. It is not up for squatters.

  4. Beating up on ourselves for beating up on ourselves. Boy have I done that. We are just so hard on our selves.

    We do forget so often how far the Lord has brought us. I know I have, I have to go back sometimes and look where I was, and where I might have been if it had not been for the Lord.

    Great post.


  5. I too responded with a laugh (recognizing it in myself) to the comment of beating up ourselves for beating up ourselves!
    Crazy isn't it how we do that so easily, and yet find it so hard to believe the incredible things God says about us!
    Thank you for your thoughts!
    God bless,

  6. Hi Ladies,
    Thanks for all your comments. I have been to all your blogs and left comments now, except Jane, I haven't found a blog for you. It looks like you are a contributer on a quilting blog, but haven't posted lately.

    I just told people on the cottage garden forum about our study, because someone there thought someone was correcting them for something, and they weren't because the person hadn't read the other response to someone's question before posting hers, which had an added direction. The lady apologized for her response to the other, saying she grew up being corrected and is sensitive when others seem to be correcting her. I asked her if she ever beats up on herself for beating up on herself.

    I am looking forward to reading the next chapter and trying to show myself the love that God has for me.

    I think of you and pray for you all during the week, sometimes as a group, sometimes as that person who...


  7. I read this book and marked the daylights out of it. My husband read it and often quotes it back to me when I'm having a bad thought day. It was fabulous and I recommend it to everyone I know. You will be greatly blessed as I am sure you have already been.


  8. Hey Sue, I haven't been around for a bit ~ life has a way of getting in the way. You hang in there in dealing with taking your thoughts captive - I really really do need to get that book. Blessings ~ Cathryn