Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Comfort from God

I stayed up too late last night, then woke up a few times, sad about what had happened at the meeting.  I didn't mention in the post that I had called for people to get together and pray with those at the meeting who they may have not spoken to  lately because of differences.  I don't know if anyone did, but I did overheard one of the church leaders tell someone she's bitter as she was walking out the door.  I caught up with her, and asked her if that's what she had said.  I asked her if she would pray with me.  She did, and part of her prayer seemed to be seeking help from God. Then she prayed for others to see the "fraud" and such like that, in other words, that people would see things her way, as does the group that is taking sides against others, as far as I can tell. She was in a hurry to go, and had someone waiting for a ride.  I didn't think to call her on that at the time, but will need to pray about it.  If anything, that's what hurt the most out of the whole evening.

I didn't get enough sleep to function well, so I called in sick today.  God is really ministering to me through Bible reading, music, and when I went upstairs to sort some laundry, there was a radio show I hadn't heard before, called "Hope for the Heart" with June Hunt.  It was about reasons for procrastinating, one of which is being a people pleaser.  I have had issues with that all my life.  That's why I was the "good" girl when I was young.  She quoted verse after verse of some of the passages God has  led me to mark up in my Bible.  I'll try to get them in my side bar soon.  I know one of them was Psalm 27, where it talks about who is man that I should be afraid.  

I was going to make this short.  Anyway, thanks for any prayers, and I don't think it is time to go to a different church, even if it would mean I was "happier" there.  I have ministries where I am that God has given me, and I can trust him for how he's going to heal our church, or lead me somewhere when it's time.  Also, I'm not sure how many there are like me who are making efforts to reach out to all members, and not take any sides.  The fact that I won't take the side of the one group, though, may put me in the other group in their eyes, but I just have to let God sort it out.  I really don't have all the information of what has happened in the past, and who still needs to forgive whom.  All I know, is forgiveness is not an option, and those who are not giving financially, are not understanding that it's God and his ministries they are shorting, not the Pastor.

"Finally, all of you, live in harmony with one another; be sympathetic, love as brothers, be compassionate and humble. Do not repay evil with evil, or insult with insult, but with blessing, because to this you were called so that you may inherit a blessing.  For, 'Whoever would love life and see good days must keep his tongue from evil and do good; he must seek peace and pursue it. '  
1 Peter 3:8-11  

The last part, in quotation mark is part of a passage taken from Psalm 34, so it's in the Bible twice.  


  1. There is a time to persevere and pray through hard times. Satan wants to conquer and divide God's beloved---it makes us less effective. Will pray as He leads.

  2. I've just read your last two posts and can sympathize tremendously with you, Sue. Our church has been going through something that sounds similar for several years now. We are looking for a new pastor, many families have left, there are financial difficulties...

    It has been a hard journey.

    I understand how painful this is, for you, friend.

    God will do an amazing work here, never doubt it. Jesus said that where he is, there will be conflict (see Matt. 10:35), so know that He is there among you.

    I will pray for you and your church family.

  3. Hi Pam and Laura,
    Pam, I like the way you said you'd pray as led. When I say I will pray for someone, I always do at least once, but sometimes forget to again. That's the same for the prayers from church that come in my email.

    I seem to think of my blogging friends, and others I actually know more often, and lately, have been praying off and on throughout the day for you two, and others, especially Darla's family. Still, I think it's wise to say it that way, that I'll pray as God leads, and thank you for that.

    Laura, I'm sorry your church is going through that, too. Lately I've been down about the conflict, and have thought about visiting other churches for awhile, but don't feel led by God to do it. I think you are right that he is going to do an amazing work, and he wants me to stay put. I read the Matthew verse, and to me, the conflict is between believers and non-believers. There may be those who aren't believers at our churches, but in this case, at least some of those in conflict are believers, who, I believe are not currently following God's directions to love others and to forgive.

    I think I need to work on my thought life, and that Bible study sounds good. I'm just not sure if I'll be able to keep up with it.

    God Bless!


  4. Dear Sue, I so appreciate the Bibilical way you are handling this. It is admirable. Hang in there. God will bless you for it. Blessings ~ Cathryn

  5. Thanks, Cathryn,
    One of the reasons this is so hard on me is that I really don't know all the details, but just bits and pieces of what the original problems were. When we are serving at Matt Talbot or leaving church, or church meetings, I will hear tidbits of grumbling or complaining about something or another. I used to ignore it, but think I am going to quit doing that, and ask the people to pray with me or ask how they can resolve that issue.

    There was an article in the paper today about how the cemetery that our church treasurer was the bookkeeper for, who he took even more from, is planning to sue him to get some of their money back. He had plead no contest, and is expecting to be sentenced later this month. They mentioned our church and the amount he took from us as well, but not that we have been given some or all of it back. We chose not to pay to find out if he took more than what the initial inquiry found.

    Our church really is under attack. One of our long time members was a wonderful, caring child care provider, who had an almost 4 month old, whose parents also go to our church, die under her care. She let herself be questioned by the police without a lawyer, and they did all they could to trip her up, and I can't remember what she was charged with, but it was some kind of homicide. I knew better than that, and after a year, the charges were finally dropped. She hasn't been coming to our church, and hadn't talked to the parents of the baby during that year, so I don't know if they've even forgiven her.

    I better quit carrying on! We have also had a lot of serious illnesses and cancers in our members and their families.