Monday, January 19, 2009

Self Talk Soul Talk Week 3

I have noticed this week, that I am not beating up on myself when I have a negative thought, and then I notice that, and am able to let the incorrect thought go.  I then pray for others in the study, and feel like I am being prayed for.  I do still have incorrect thoughts aplenty, though. When I read ch. 3, I felt like I kept reading about myself, and I noticed the self condemnation come back some.  I am hypersensitive, and read things into others' actions at times, like thinking it's because of what I said to someone the day before that she and another did not eat their lunch in the same room I did the next day.  I have also felt certain actions or lack of actions on my husband's part showed he did not care for me like I think he should.  I felt a bit uneasy reading this, but it made lots of sense to me.

Last week, there were several of us who honed in on Jennifer's statement about us not being able to remove hurtful thoughts, but by the power of God, they can be drained of their potential control over us.  I marked up lots of things in chapter 3, and find it difficult to select one that stood out to me.  I have also based my sense of worth on what I perceived my performance to be, and felt that nothing I did was good enough.  God has already worked with me on these things, and they do not have the hold on me they used to, but they try to creep back in from time to time.

I have prayed for wisdom over the years.  I need to continue to, and to reverence God and esteem his truth.  He is there to help us all!  I am so thankful for his love and forgiveness. 

I forgot to set this to be posted Tuesday, and to mention this is hosted by Lelia at Write From the Heart.  She has a list of others participating in this study.


  1. Sue, I am very interested in this book. I need to check into it. I wonder if we were twins at birth. Goodness, I feel I could have written your post. Keep them coming dear heart. Blessings ~ Cathryn

  2. Thank God He never gives up on us or walks away. We are a work in progress. Praying as He leads for His work in your life.

  3. Hi, sue! I haven't done my homework, so am cheating by reading your cliftnotes! I already know I'm going to love this chapter. I love what you say that you notice you are already making some progress in defeating those self-defeating thoughts. I think I am too. Let's keep praying for each other, friend! I promise to get my post up soon...

  4. Sue, thank you for your wise words and summary. I, like you, marked up a lot in chapter 3 as I read through. Prayers for you as we journey together in making our thoughts TRUE in Him!

  5. Sue,
    I popped over from Lelia's blog. I'm really enjoying Jennifer's book too. It seems her words are aimed right at me.

    I pray God blesses you with the wisdom you seek and by His power you begin to set healthy roots that bear life-giving fruit.

  6. Thanks for the comments everyone. I am having trouble keeping up, but think I've visited everyone here's blog. Cathryn, did you find the book?

    It's amazing how much we have in common. With God's help, we can improve our thought lives.

  7. So glad you have been making progress in the thought closet cleaning and you are no longer beating yourself up.

    Blessings, Cindy

  8. Hi Sue,

    Isn't it funny how we can all read a chapter and say hey is she writing about me. I have felt many of the things you said. Especially about reading into others actions.

    Let's keeping working at those old roots and digging them out so we God can replace them with his roots and His fruit.

    Nice to meet you.