Thursday, December 31, 2009

Moon Before the Blue Moon?

I read a comment on either my or someone else's blog that mentioned we are going to have a blue moon soon. I wasn't sure what that meant, but last night, there was a lovely blue around the moon, that didn't show up well in photos. I enjoyed getting shots of the moon, though. Today, I did a search to find out what a blue moon is, and came away a tad confused, because different places say different things about it. It used to mean the 3rd full moon when there were 4 in a season, or something like that. Then, someone wrote in a Farmers' Almanac many years ago, that a blue moon is when there are 2 full moons in the same month. I just did another search and found an article on the NASA website where it is explained in a better way than I did.

So, tonight, look up and see the full moon, and no, it will not be blue, but it will be a blue moon! To see skies from all over the world, or to find out how to link yours, click on the SkyWatch link in my sidebar.

God bless your New Year, and have a fun, safe, and healthy celebration to welcome in 2010!


  1. Beautiful shots! Happy new year :)

  2. Great set of moon photos! Happy New Years.

  3. Beautiful moon shots...I've also heard those explanations of a blue moon.

    Happy New Year!

  4. I love those wisps of clouds around and across the moon! I am simply taking it for granted that we had a full moon, as it is snowing here!

  5. Gorgeous moon photos! I loved how bright and beautiful it was here for two nights in a row, even as it started to wane. I am always so inspired by its beauty.

  6. Hi there,

    Just discovered your blog today and love to meet and make new friends!