Friday, January 8, 2010

Cold Morning Sky

It is currently -7 F. here. I just stuck the camera out the door to take some photos for SkyWatch Friday. Click on the SWF icon in the sidebar to see more skies from all over the world. The news is saying that much of the country is unseasonably cold. I hope wherever you are, you are keeping warm.


  1. I actually like those pearly grey skies...

  2. It sure looks COLD there Sue. It has warmed up a little today, but we're supposed to get some rain and more frigid temps for us, tonight and tomorrow. Another week of cold weather predicted.


  3. Cold but beautiful! It's cold and foggy here in Norcal. Of course, our "cold" doesn't come close to what you're experiencing. But everything's relative, right? Stay warm!

  4. keep warm!
    i love those trees!
    have a great weekend!
    Come watch the sky with me!
    Happy Weekend ahead!