Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Our Grandson's First Christmas

Our grandson liked his gifts, but the boxes, tags, and such, he had the most fun with!  he was such a joy!

Here he is with his mommy on Christmas Day, studying the tag from his new clothes.

Christmas Eve, notice Dad has the stuffed animal that was in the sack.

What a great sound the lovely red tissue makes when shaken!

Oh, but the favorite of all was the red ribbon, which entertained him for quite a long time!

Back to Christmas Day at Larry's sister's.  Our daughter, the aunt, gave baby lots of giggles and fun sliding around in the box we brought our food in.

Happy Holidays!


  1. What a sweetheart! Don't you wish everyone on your Christmas list was as easy to please?!

  2. LOVE this post. Kids that age never surprise us---they ALWAYS love the simple things---forget the toys, give me the wrapping. I bet that made Christmas so fun for everyone.

  3. Wonderful family photographs. He is adorable, and red ribbons are the greatest!:-)

  4. Simplicity is the best at this age.
    So nice family pictures.

  5. I must add something, Sue. I love your music choice. I have the impression these songs are "Christian" songs, no? They speak of the Lord.
    I speak particularly of the MUSIC because listening lyrics is not as easy for me as reading them in english. But what I admire is that the music by itself is very modern, up to date, and not hockey as what I hear here, in France, as Christian songs. With musics that I can't remember as they are sung all with the same nondescript tune.