Sunday, December 28, 2008

My Family's New Year's Eve Tradition

When our son and daughter were young, there were a few years that we changed the time on a clock, so that it would turn "midnight" around 9 or so, so we could celebrate, then go to bed at a normal time.   We also started the tradition of having root beer floats, which we enjoyed over the years, and Larry and I have kept doing, even though they rarely join us.  They do come over some time the next day or so and have floats with us.

When our daughter was in the sixth grade, she spent New Year's Eve with a neighbor/school friend.  At one point she asked the friend when they were going to have floats.  She had not realized that was a family thing.  Our son said he had thought others did it, too.

I think we must have watched movies, too, or played board games.  Larry and I sometimes get invited to parties, but we prefer to stay home and watch movies.  Some years we make it to midnight, and other years we don't.

Please feel free to share your traditions here in the comments section.  Have a safe, fun, blessed New Year's Eve and New Year!


After looking for a photo of a root beer float, I tried to put a whole article that I got a code for to embed on a blog, but didn't know how to put it here, so I'm going to try a different way to put it in.  I see it went to my sidebar, even though I had put it in the bottom one, thinking it would go above the posts.  The photo I just added here, is the one that was on the article I put on the side.


  1. What a nice tradition. My husband loves root beer! Most years, I don't make it past my usual bedtime. Occasionally, neighbors awaken me at midnight with firecrackers! Happy New Year!

  2. Wonderful tradition.
    Most years, we spent New Year´s Eve with our family friends. And this year it is going to be the same. I think it will be fun.

    I have heard for the first time about root beer floats here. Well, I saw something like them in the movies, but didn´t know the name or the recipe. No restaurant or pub serves this kind of drink in my country. We have other specialities:-)
    I must try to prepare it.

    Happy New Year´s Eve and the whole New Year.

  3. Thanks for the comments, Mildred and Namnet,

    We hear fireworks here, too, even though they are not legal to light this time of year.

    I forgot to mention we use reduced fat ice cream these days, but may use regular this year, because the floats are creamier with it.

    Happy New Year to both of you!


  4. Hi Sue, thanks for sharing in your comment. It keeps us pursuing God doesn't it?
    LOVED your tradition with your kids--and root beer floats are so wonderful.

    We've been having parties the last few years.
    This year we have some friends returning after moving away. Our old small group from church will be getting together for the evening, going out to eat, games at our home and prayer time. We're all dealing with LOTS of change and no small group support anymore so we decided we needed that prayer time together again.

    Oh and no ABC's V until Jan. 8th. I wasn't sure how many people would be on the two Thursdays that were holidays.

  5. My kids would love your root beer float tradition. I remember getting them as a summer treat as a kid.

    In Maine we've often gone to a family skating potluck New Year's Eve party - no invitations, we all know to show up. In England (my husband's family) a bunch of families would decorate the village hall, cook dinner and have Scottish country dancing in black tie. Happy New Year!

  6. I love this, Sue! Family traditions always get me right in the heart because my family never had any...I so longed for something special to share just between us. And as for changing the clock time...well, that 's just brilliant!!

    Happy New Year! Enjoy that rootbeer float!

  7. Hey Sue. How are you. I hope you had an awesome Christmas. That was pretty cute about turning the clocks later than they are on New Year's Eve. Ingenious. I wasn't raised on root beer floats but we did have a whole lot of Fresca floats. I don't know if Fresca is even produced anymore. It was kind of like a ginger ale sprite. Well, anyways, Happy New Year! Blessings ~ Cathryn

  8. Pam, Thanks for being a place for that. Yes, it does keep us pursuing God. My husband is not a Christian. It's cool you are able to get together with others and pray the new year in.

    Sarah, Your party sounds fun, too, as does the ones your husband used to go to in England. I wouldn't care for the dressing up part, though.

    Laura, I'm glad you have your own family now, and can start your own traditions. It looks like we'll be enjoying the floats alone tomorrow night, but we'll have leftovers for when the kids come over next.

    Cathryn, We did have an awesome Christmas. I hope you did, too. Maybe Larry and I should set the clocks back for New Year's Eve this year, too! LOL I remember Fresca, but don't know if they still make it or not.

    Blessings to all of you,