Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Something happened to this picture of my son and grandson, which had been the second one until it disappeared.  I don't know if these are limitations of the blog format, or mine, but I can only put a picture at the top of the blog, and not after any words I've typed or after another picture.  Also, I can't cut and paste in the body of the post.  It will cut, but then usually, but not always, it will paste under the post. Does anyone know more about these things?

Our grandson spent the night Friday night, and Saturday, our son came over on his way to work to see him, and they put some decorations on the tree I've written about in the paragraph under this picture.

My husband usually resists decorating for Christmas, and for the last 4 years, we haven't had our tree up due to our dog being a puppy for a prolonged amount of time.  This year, Larry told me we should get a smaller tree to put up for our grandson. His parents are busy with working on the house his mom grew up in so they can move there.  So, we went out and bought a 4.5 foot one, complete with lights!  

We have many of the decorations my husband's family used over the years, and still have the ones we picked up over the years.  We also used some from the basket of decorations I got very cheap at a post Christmas sale that I had planned to use for gifts, but forgot about.  Maybe I'll remember next year.

Mom came after installing some bamboo flooring and the decorating continued.

Yesterday, Larry finished decorating the tree as I sorted through the decorations and put some other things around the room.  He took this picture:

Have a Blessed Christmas!


  1. I LOVE that tree. Sometimes when my pictures load I have to copy and paste them further down in the blog as it won't always let me type words ahead of some of the pictures. It is a mystery some days. Your grandson is adorable.

  2. What I do now, is put the pictures in first, then push return 3 times, and use my arrow to go back up 2. That way, I'm leaving a space between my words and the post title. Also, it seems to prevent the words from being blue and underlined, which I don't understand why when that happens. It did happen, though, when I started to type above one of the pictures. In fact, it was when I went to delete those words to try again, when the whole picture disappeared.

    We think our grandson is adorable. Thanks for noticing. :o)

    Again, Have a Blessed Christmas,

  3. Hi ya, your tree is great! I will try and get a picture on my site with my tree- i am so proud of it! Your Grandson is definitely cute :)

    Regards the posting, if you switch to edit html view (on the post box there are 2 tabs on the top right of the box i think) you can see the whole lot as text. then it should be easier to cut and paste your text to fit where you want. The picture 'text' should start with -
    That way, you can also copy and paste or move the picture around as well. I hope that helps? It has taken me a very long time to understand the edit html features!

  4. Your grandson´s first Christmas! What an event! The tree is beautiful and your gradson is absolutely lovable.
    Happy Christmas to you and your family.
    Take care,

  5. Hi Sue, lovely to see your Christmas tree put up for your cute baby grand son. It also looks very nice for the celebration. I love to put up mine and my two granddaughters love to come over to help me. Last year I had to put it higher up, like you we had a puppy! this year puppy Billy has grown a little out of his puppy paws. He left the ornaments alone just sniffed around the chocolates.
    The Christmas days are nearly past and the New Year is only around the corner. All my best wishes for a very happy 2009.

  6. Thanks for these responses, too!

    Bemused, We are having so much fun having our grandson around. He loves being around people, and he had a fun first Christmas.

    I remembered what you said for my last post on my garden blog. It's a good thing, because I had put a picture on that didn't belong, and forgot to put 2 in. Thanks for the help.

    Namnet, We were pleased with how the tree turned out. I showed your niece to my daughter, because she is a sweetie, too.

    Titiana, We do what we can to do our Christmas decorating, don't we? I remember the year we put our tree in a playpen so our daughter couldn't pull it over on herself. Speaking of chocolate, I have to throw my wrappers in the kitchen garbage can. I can't leave my bag where she can get to it, because she seeks out gum and chocolate.

    Soon it will be 2009. Praise God for all of our blessings! Sue

  7. Sue, your son looks like you! So much! He look a nice person, with an "open" expression.
    Isn't Christmas a wonderfull time, with little children in one's home?
    Your grand son with his mother are so cute.
    You're blessed to have them for Christmas.

  8. Hi Catherine,
    Thank you for the wonderful compliments.