Monday, March 16, 2009

A Church for Me?

I visited a church that is the same denomination as I am a couple Sundays ago. A couple days later, I had a visit from a family, who brought cookies, and the four year old son said, "We have a Bible for you!"  I had been working on my WFW post, and they could see my Bible right next to where I was sitting, so they told their son I already have one.  I told them about my blog.  The next day, I received a letter from the church thanking me for visiting.  Having two contacts from them made me feel so welcome, I went again Sunday.  I was actually planning to go again, anyway.  The church is quite big, but the second time I went, it didn't feel as overwhelming.  

One cool thing about a large church, is that communion takes longer, and you get to sing more.  I chose to visit this church because I learned from their website, that they have contemporary worship.  The praise teams are awesome!  Last Sunday, the team sang an awesome rendition of "The Anchor Holds" which was what the sermon was about.  A man sang solo for most of it.  It was so beautiful!

Since I went to the early service Sunday, I decided to go to a Bible study for older people, called, "Prime Time" afterwards.  I went to that one, rather than the one in the sanctuary, because you can have your coffee with you.  :o)  Also, I thought their study of the Epistles of John would be a good one to go to.  It felt so good to be there.  I was welcomed, seemed to fit right in, and the study was great!

Praise God!  I have found a good place to be, and we'll see if He leads me to join.


  1. It can be hard to decide which church to join. I've been pretty wishy-washy with mine. You'd think over two years would be long enough for me to make a final decision but I'm still so torn. I pray that your decision takes much less time than mine is taking me.

  2. That is awesome. I know when I first had to find a church home, it was daunting. I remember my first Sunday at my church almost 8 years ago. I felt so welcomed right away, and then sitting in the service and singing worship I knew that I'd found my church home.

    Praying that you will hear God's direction.