Saturday, August 6, 2011

Stormy Skies and a Rainbow this Evening

I went out this evening to do some gardening.  It looked like it was getting dark early, but did not look like it was going to rain to me.  After about ten minutes, it started to sprinkle, then it quickly turned into a thunderstorm.  After quite a downpour, there was a rainbow, and beautiful fluffy clouds and colors in the sky.  I went out with my camera, and again, was amazed at the beauty of God's creation.  These photos are in the order they were taken.

Here's the rainbow.  It didn't last very long.

I was tickled to catch a photo of the lightning.

It was hard to decide which part of the sky to look at.  The beauty was different each direction.  There were some awesome colors to the west.

I think this was still looking west.  The huge puffy clouds were above the colors.

This may be to the north.  The clouds were more spectacular in person.  They looked like they were layer upon layer.

A couple neighbor ladies across the street to the north came out, and said I should come over and see the west from their yard.  I like the different types of clouds in this one.

I took this one of our house with the lovely clouds above, on my way back home.

Here's a view from the back yard, with a clematis plant arching above the trellis.

God bless your Sunday!  We are having a voters' meeting to call a new senior pastor at our church tomorrow.  I am excited to see how it turns out.  We have 3 men we are praying about to see which it will be.  Any one of them would fit in well with our church.


  1. Such lovely sky shots-you've captured some real beauties there. I've never been able to capture lightning. I'll blame the camera!

  2. Wow Sue, those are wonderful photos of clouds, sunset colored skies and lightening.

    I saw some wonderful sky views on my way home from work yesterday but by the time I got home they were not the same at all and were rather boring, so I didn't bother getting out my camera.

    Thanks for sharing some of God's wondrous creation and beauty here.


  3. These are really spectacular sky/cloud/sunset photos, Sue! You captured some beautiful colors.

    I was on a pastoral search committee 12 years ago, and God made it really clear to us which of the finalists we should choose. He has been our pastor ever since then and he is a wonderful pastor. Our church has doubled in size and we have begun so many new ministries and small group Bible studies. I'm sure He will make it clear to your church body whom you should call as your pastor.

  4. hi blog friend i just love your blog..its not only nice but encouraging and inviting.. my husband and i are christians too with up and downs.. but we now all what the lord has done into our lifes.. hope you join also my blog..and that the frienship not always over here because of my job but when i do i enjoy blogging..and learning i post Gods word...God bless you i love you in the love of christ ... shalom soraya