Saturday, October 17, 2009

Late for SkyWatch Friday

I had lots going on the last few days, and today, when I got some photos off my iphone, into my iphoto, I saw I had some photos from the last week of September that I'd like to post. God's artistry is so evident in the sky. I am in awe of the beauty of creation. These photos were taken from the parking lot when I got to work in that morning.

To see more skies from all over the world, click on the SkyWatch button on my sidebar.


  1. wow, sue, these are amazing! I love this idea for your watch. i feel so many things when I look up, but yes, closer to Him is the primary one.


  2. Hi Sue,

    I am in awe each day, whether I look at the sky, horizon and/or the delicacy and intimate detail of each flower. I thank God for it all.

  3. These photos are simply stunning!

    Happy SWF!!!