Thursday, November 11, 2010

SkyWatch Friday

I stood in the street after work Thursday, (Friday in some parts of the world) and took photos of the sky for SkyWatch Friday.  Click on the button in the sidebar to see other skies from all over the world.

Facing north:




It got down to 27 this morning, and there was heavy frost on the plants and ground.  I'm thinking the reason I saw the frost was because it was light out, due to Daylight Savings Time being over.  We've probably had some before, as it has gotten even colder before.  I didn't have time to stop and take any photos.  I'm pleased that there are still some blooms doing OK.

Have a blessed weekend!  I think we're supposed to get some rain along with our cool temps.


  1. Beautiful, majestic clouds, and the golden leaves of the trees is spectacular. Wonderful fall photos!

  2. The sky through the trees are so pretty

  3. Looks like the sun had a hard time peaking out from the gloomy cloud. My rose has still a bloom which is good. Happy Friday!
    Looking at the sky

  4. I just love tree lined streets! Beautiful photos! Have a great weekend!