Thursday, March 4, 2010

A 42 Degree Mid Morning Sky

I've missed some SkyWatch Fridays.  I am home from work today, and in the process of clearing the kitchen for the remodel that is to take place in 2 weeks.  I went out a little bit ago and took some photos of the sky.  I knew the sun was in some of the photos, and that the sun does not lend itself to good photos, but I included one, because the rays form a star.  I kind of like that.

To see skies from all over the world, or find out how to be included, click on the SkyWatch button in the sidebar.  (SkyWatch starts Thursday, at 1:30 p.m. where I live, because somewhere in the world, Friday has arrived.)

I hope you have a joyful weekend.


  1. I love how the sun looks like a star in the first photo! Wonderful late winter photos.

  2. The sun does look like a star in that first shot. Great find and thanks for sharing!!

  3. Sue,
    Thanks for coming over to my blog and making the nice comments! Yes, I do have an update to the olive tree - it got a haircut yesterday, against my better judgement...I am planning to show its new (and so sad) look tomorrow.

    I love your flower pictures on your Corner Garden blog. I did a lot of flower gardening when we were back East, but haven't figured out how to do anything in CA yet.

    Again, thanks for visiting and leaving comments.